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4. Research Degree:

Examination/Degree University Specific Date Of Ph.D Thesis Specific Date Of Award Title Of Thesis

5. Teaching Experience:

Teaching Experience College/University Period From Period To Total Years and Months Designation Pay-Scale Status

6. Research & Academic Contribution:

(A) Paper published in Referred Journals/ Non-Referred reputed journals:
Title of article/Research Paper Name of journal Year ISBN/ISSN No.
(B) Books/Chapters in books:
Title of Books/Chapters in book Details Of Publisher Year ISBN/ISSN No.
(C) Projects Major/Minor:
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(D) Research Guidance:
Level No. of degree awarded under No. of Thesis/Dissertation Submitted under No. in progress
(E) Conference/Seminar/Workshop/Training Programmes:
Name of Programme with theme Paper Present/Participate Level Date & Duration Year Organiser

7. Additional Details:

8. API score based on PBAS methodology provided in the UGC Regulation 2018 as amended from time to time
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Please Upload Profile Photo (gif/jpg/png/jpeg), size must not be more than 2 MB
Please Upload Profile Photo (gif/jpg/png/jpeg), size must not be more than 2 MB

I hereby declare that the entries in this form are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I declare that I am an eligible candidate for the post as per the prescribed qualifications and fulfill all other conditions. If any stage, I am found to have concealed/suppressed any material information or given any false details supported by the documents found to be fake subsequently or I am not eligible for appointment which could not be detected by the Vidyapeetha authorities due to oversight or whatever reasons, my appointment shall be liable to be summarily terminated without any notice or compensation. I hereby undertake to abide by the Memorandum of Association, Rules Regulations/Bye- Laws of the Vidyapeetha/instructions/Directives of the UGC/MHRD, resolutions of the BOM and other Vidyapeetha authorities and superiors, failing which disciplinary action shall be initiated against me which may entail removal from service. I have read all the instructions related to the candidates, Bye-Laws, as amended from time to time which have been placed on the website and before submitting this application and undertake to be governed by these provisions as a candidate.

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