Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Sunder Narayan Jha ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Department of Veda

Warden (Dr. Sundar Narayan Jha)

The Vidyapeetha has one hostel building for boys having accommodation for 99 students in 48 rooms. There are 16 single seated rooms for research scholars and senior students; 16 double seated rooms and 16 triple seated rooms for other students .The hostel is equipped with modern facilities like Local Area Network, Computer, TV and Telephone, a common room, dining hall, refreshment hall, kitchen and pantry.

Prof. Sundar Narayan Jha has been appointed as the Warden of the hostel for the year 2018-19. The management, maintenance and other activities were monitored by the Hostel Warden and the Hostel Committee. Various programmes/functions were organized by the hostel residents in the said academic session. A total of 99 students were allotted hostel accommodation. Many students admitted in the Vidyapeetha are from other states at present the state wise allotment of students as under:

State wise Boy’s Hostel accommodation List for academic Session2018-19

S.No. State Name Student Strength
1 Assam 1
2 Bihar 14
3 Haryana 7
4 Himachal Pradesh 6
5 Jharkhand 1
6 Madhya Pradesh 10
7 Odisha 3
8 Punjab 0
9 Rajasthan 5
10 Uttar Pradesh 25
11 Uttarakhand 21
12 West Bengal 2
13 Nepal* 2

* Outside India