Vision & Mission

Vision of Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtri Ji

Vision of the Vidyapeetha

To preserve Shastric tradition and interpretation of the Shastras by establishing their relevance to the problems in the modern context.

Mission of the Vidyapeetha

  • To impart instruction in traditional Sanskrit lore with special attention to highly specialized branches. Apart from higher studies in Sanskrit literature, the Vidyapeetha is also committed to high-level research in other language and literature of Asia which has a bearing on Sanskrit literature.
  • Study of Classical Sanskrit and contemporary literature in Sanskrit.
  • To enrich the knowledge of Sanskrit heritage.
  • To interpret Shastras with special reference to the traditional interpretation of Veda-Vedanga and changes in contemporary thinking.
  • To provide opportunities to scholars for higher studies in auxiliary components of Sanskrit viz. Jyotish and Vastu Shastra and also to identify some manuscripts to preserve for its critical analysis.